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How to Be Prepared for the First Date with a Russian Woman?

Conversations about beautiful Russian women seem to be timeless. When people say Russian women have a warm heart personality, perfect body, blue eyes, cold appearance, and blond eyes, it’s no exaggeration. No doubt many foreign men want to have a Russian wife. But before marriage, dating a Russian woman is a most. So the question a lot of people ask is how you manage to win the heart of a Russian woman.

The main logic to win the heart of a Russian woman is to be well prepared for any date you have with her. In this article, we’d be discussing 10 tips on how to be prepared for the first date with a Russian woman. There are a series of things you’d need to set in place when you want to go on a date with a Russian woman. And when you’ve got the charm of it, you’d manage to win her heart over in no time. Without much ado, here are some tips that would be helpful.

1. Choose a good dating venue

The first and one of the most important things you need to do when going on a date with a Russian woman is to pick out a very nice romantic venue. The first impression matters a lot. So, when picking out a dating venue, you’d want to show her that you can keep her interest. If you’re choosing a restaurant, go for one that’s classy and at the same time that you can afford. Choose a place that is quiet as she is seeking to know you better so you’d need to have a conversation without stressing your ears or voice.

2. Dress your best

Imagine James Bond when you dress. In other words, when you dress, wear fitting clothes, and be sure you’re aware not to overdress for the occasion or underdress. For example, when you decide to take her out on a casual Saturday afternoon to the pack for ice cream, and you decide to wear a suit. It’s not like you can’t wear a suit for dates, but in this context, you’re overdressed. You can simply wear a jacket and pants for a date to the pack for ice cream. And a tuxedo is perfect when you’re having a dinner date.

3. Arrive first and early

The first rule of dating any lady, especially a Russian woman is to always arrive at the venue first. No lady loves to be kept waiting or stood up. Consider a Russian wedding or any wedding, for example, grooms always arrive first and early awaiting their Russian Brides, and never the other way round. When you keep your lady waiting on the first date for your arrival, you’re giving the impression that she’s not your priority.

4. Don’t go empty-handed

Stingy men are a no-no for Russian women or any other women around the world. One of the easiest ways to the heart of any woman, Russian women included is by charming them with simple inexpensive gifts. Women love to be smothered and cherished with gentleness and love. So when you go for that first date with her, don’t ever go empty-handed. A box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers will go a long way. It helps pass the impression that you’re thinking and she’s in your mind.

5. No cookie jar!

Consider this a piece of advice rather than a tip, don’t aim for the cookie jar on the first date. Don’t even aim for a kiss if you truly want to make her your Russian bride. This doesn’t mean Russian women are prudish. It’s way far from it; rather, they are bubbly, fun, and outgoing to hand out with. You don’t want to give her the impression that you are after her body, which is messy. Show her you’re a man enough to handle your feelings and would be too needy.

6. Have some extra love for her family

Russian women are all about their families. Now the simple logic about this tip is to love what they love and you’d be part of what they love. Try your best to find out details about her family. And when she starts talking about her family, lean in, show a lot of interest, and mean it. You too can also talk about your family. It's more-or-less like begets like.

7. Be firm and strong in your words

Women from Russia are strong-willed and you should be too. You need to be sure and firm of what you’re doing. When you go out on that first date with her, take charge of it like you own it. For example, pick out a date and venue and invite her, asking her if she’d be available. At the same time when you try to be assertive, don’t act like a bossy kind of fella.

8. Don’t Dutch

We all know life can be a bit hard and tough, but it’s not that hard that you cannot afford to take up the bill on the first date you have together. A real man takes up the bills for the first few dates. He doesn't force it but waits for the lady's invite to take him for a treat when she’s ready. It usually doesn’t take too long, because a lot of women from Russia are generous.

9. Fly out first

Online dating has its roots deep in our society today. So, a lot of people can be dating a Russian woman online while they are in some other country for some time before they actually meet. But when it’s time to meet her, you as the man should be the one to fly out first rather than her coming to your country. Generally, women feel loved when you make sacrifices for them. And there is no bigger sacrifice you can make than leaving your own country and flying down to Russia just to see her.

10. Avoid prejudices and biases

Lastly, when you’re finally on that first date with her, avoid talks about the many things you don’t like about Russia, or the USA, or Africa, and so on. Avoid political talks, as they do more harm than good. Everybody loves their country with goodness and ills.

In conclusion, these 10 tips are just a few tips on how to impress a Russian woman on a first date. There are so many other things you can still consider, but these few would set you up for success. Not forgetting, you’d also need all the luck you can get too. Cheers!


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