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How to Known when a Russian Woman is Interested?

Communication between men and women can be a bit confusing at times. About 93% of human conversation is non-verbal, meaning what you hear is only 7% of what a person means. Knowing when a Russian woman is interested in you or not goes beyond what she says out of her mouth.

Perhaps you guys have been dating online for a while and decided to go out on a proper date, kudos to that. You're getting warmer to know if she finds you attractive. And things get a little more interesting when your Russian woman agrees to go on a date with you. If you're interested in turning her to a Russian bride, the crucial part is making sure she's interested in you first. Here are some easy tips you can use to know when a Russian woman is interested in you.

She is engaged in the conversation and makes eye contact with you

The first rule to knowing whether or not a Russian woman is into you is when she's very engaging in the conversation. When she listens to every word you say, it's a positive vibe. When she keeps making constant eye contact with you, it's also a positive vibe. Making eye contact is a positive body language from her that she's interested in what you are saying.

You ask her out, and she keeps saying yes every single time

When you keep asking a particular Russian woman you like out on a date and every time she says yes, it's a good sign. The truth is everybody is busy, but they make time for things that matters to them. So, if she can always create time to have a date with you, it means she is very much interested.

Her actions is speaking louder than her voice

Another thing you should note is her actions. Now, know that women are complicated to read. If women were easy to read, every single Russian guy would have a girlfriend easily. But, with a little work on your side, you would be able to pick out the necessary body language. When you guys are conversing, and she leans in close, it's positive body language.

Or if her hands are close to yours on a table, it's a positive vibe too. And when she always touch your hands on the table, it's a perfect sign. Always take note of her actions, and at the same time pay attention to whatever she's saying, so you don't talk out of context.

The relationship is progressing

It takes two people to build a relationship. So, if you're feeling progress in the relationship between the two of you, then there is hope. The improvement indicates that both of you are putting in some work to make the connection happen. If after a couple of dates, there are no changes, then it's most likely not going to progress. But if there is significant progress like she introduces you to her friends, her family, then she is interested in you. So, it's left for you to make the next move.

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