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What is better: the Russian dating site or the marriage agency?

To get in contact with Ukrainian or Russian women is very easy today. On the Internet, there are many new sites, which help for successful dating. Furthermore, nowadays the marriage agencies are opened in order to help to contact to the Russian women. The listings of women's profiles are present in both structures: on the dating sites and in the marriage agencies. As the rule, agencies charge for their service $25 to $30 for you per month. So, if you want to search for your future girlfriend through a marriage agency, you should pay. Otherwise, dating sites are free and paid. So, if you don't want to pay, you should use the free Russian dating site.

The advantage of such sites is that they are very easy and helpful in submitting ads or profiles. Moreover, on these sites, there is a lot of useful information about online dating. You should learn the art of virtual romance step by step. And, finally, we know many real love stories, which were started on dating sites and were ended by a marriage. So, using online dating services, you have all the opportunities to meet your future wife.

A lot of marriage agencies have their own dating sites, which are semi-paid: some services are free, and certain ones are for money. They have an office or some offices, situated in different cities or even countries. Single women, who want to find their future husbands abroad, can come to these offices. After the colloquium, the Russian marriage company verifies that the information given by the ladies is not fake and is true about them. After all these steps, a woman who is really looking for a good life partner and also for a sincere and trustworthy relationship will be allowed to join this marriage agency and use their dating site.

Most agencies work on a credit system, which ensures and helps men to meet the Russian women for further purposes. You also get credits. These credits are given in order to charge you, when you are getting in touch with any Russian woman, for instance, if you are just sending an email it will cost you. This ranges from $0.40 per credit to $8 to $9 per credit.

To pay for the dating service or not - it is only your decision. The Internet and thousands of free dating sites give you a nice opportunity to find your real love without spending money. However, using these free services, you can understand that in this case, the agency or owners of the dating site are not responsible for the result. So, you can depend only on yourself.

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