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You are on the dating site where you will get the profile of the women of Russia. The very next thing you need to do is to let her know what you are interested in. In real life, it is hard for you to write about your feelings for the first time, especially if you have never met this girl. You have to make sure what will attract the women to read your letter and then also connect with you. You have to make sure that your interest will become successful. Before this article, I have asked a few pieces of advice from many women that what they prefer in their new friends before dating online, I hope this will help you a lot to write your first letter before dating any woman.


A female on the dating site can receive more than 200 mails every day from different men. This increases the competition and difficulty to select the best one. It depends upon the business. The women of Russia run such competition as they are pretty enough and show their attractive look to the men. The level of competition is very high. The female normally replies to only a few candidates, which image she likes. The women of Russia like if they have been respected by the other people, and they need to reply with THANK YOU OR NO type text.

You should make your letter original and interesting so that your application cannot be rejected as their may be a vast number of applications.


It is very simple to know the first way to impress any lady. You should take the start with her real name if you know. The rate of response will be very late as that you are expecting because it takes time for ladies to think about it, and even if you send FIRST LETTER TEMPLATE. It is liked by every woman if you take her name with full respect. This will force the lady to think that you read her profile properly, and you are really interested in her, which is a good sign. You should avoid using phrases like dear, sweetie at first sight as it's not impressing at the first meeting or letter. These should be used when both are familiar with each other.


Your introduction is the main thing which should be described briefly by you. This will help lady to respond to your letter and your questions. You should also write some positive qualities, which make your letter more and more interesting and help to create understanding. Try to keep her interest in you by your merits; the letter should be in a way which, will force her to know more about you. In the very first letter don't describe the whole story. The main things about you must be clear in your letter. Now for the next let her ask a few questions and start the conversation. Your hobbies, deeds are very important as she can match with them and create a good picture of you in her mind. You should also tell her zodiac sign as she may believe in it.


Your main information is enough now, so let her know why are you writing her this letter and what makes you think about it. Keep in your mind, in such services as the online dating site there are women, who compare men. Try to make her realize that among thousand, you are interested in her and want any further communications with her only, this can be a positive sigh for your image. You should focus on little information which you read in her profile, which means that you paid attention to it, and you read it properly. Keep in your mind, you don't need to express that her sexy legs or breast was the reason, which made your interest. This is the thing women never want to hear and show off.


The first letter if you feel that it is very small which cant be expressed properly so your next mission would be another letter which should explain her that why she should consider only you as a perfect match for her. It seems like you are pretending confident, but this is a quality most women are attracted to. Be successful in your work, which will be a good sign for impressing a lady.


To ask few questions will be considered as the last part of your letter. You don't know how she will react after reading that letter, maybe she is not prepared for all this and it takes time for her to reply but you have to be brave and support her in her goal. The best thing is to ask a question which will help you to get a reply from another side but the question should be kind, which will make your impression good and she doesn't feel embarrassed to answer it.


It is not easy to write a letter to any girl. It needs to be effective to get a positive response. You need to apply various tricks, which include psychology that helps to show your good deeds and hide bad qualities, which will be known at the certain period. It will work smoothly and okay if you be honest with your partner as well as with the relation. Keep on writing letters and stay with healthy relations happily after.

The article was provided by Natalya Nadolska's content studio

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