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Creating a Powerful and Winning Online Dating Profile

In recent times, online dating has moved a notch higher. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there who have no clue how to put together an impressive profile that will get everyone’s attention. Apparently, a lot of people admit to lacking the skills and perfect formula to create a winning profile. Think of an online profile as advertising yourself; how would you want to portray yourself to thousands of other hopefuls?

A perfect profile should be balanced; that does not appear too desperate but at the same time, not too exaggerated. The tips below have been recommended by experts in order to help you make the best of your profile. If you're not connected online, chances are high the problem might be your profile. However, the tips below will turn around your online dating fortunes.

Tips to Make a Catchy Online Dating Profile

Ask for help

At times, we think we have the best words to describe ourselves, this isn’t necessarily the case. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone else to assist you write your profile. You never know, they may know and describe you better than you would.

Be Original

Most people get tempted to add phrases such as “I love walking on the beach” and “am a fun person”- everyone loves to say that. Come up with something unique and catchy that will be instrumental in starting a conversation. How you play with your words will ultimately determine who will stop to view your profile.

Focus on Showcasing your Sociable Hobbies

A lot of people viewing your profile are keen to see how they’ll fit into your life. Carefully list your hobbies by focusing on outdoor events such as sports and picnics as opposed to listing personal hobbies such as “TV fanatic and internet browsing addict” that will make someone feel you may not have time for them. It’s not bad to list personal hobbies but include activities that portray you as a social person.

Go for Action Shots

It would be wise to include photos on your profile that depict you engaging in an activity as opposed to those you’re doing nothing. Have a profile photo that shows you participating in an activity you love; it could be playing a guitar, attending to your plants or downhill skiing.

Always Remain Positive

Remember your profile is your dating CV and so, be careful not to send out any negative tones that may portray you in bad light. Nobody likes to hang around someone who’s always pessimistic and always finds fault in everything and everyone.

Be Honest

Lying is the worst thing you can do if you want to find a potential mate online. Don’t portray yourself as someone you’re not. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to begin your relationship with lies.

Regularly Update your Profile

People have the tendency of making an online profile and don’t bother to update it regularly. It’s good to frequently make changes to your profile to make it look more attractive and relevant. For instance, you can keep changing your profile photo.

Pay Attention to Your Grammar

Poor grammar on an online profile is a turn off. Before making your profile live, proofread your content. Remember, people visiting your profile will judge you by how well you express yourself. Aside from using features such as Microsoft Word’s spell check facility, you can have someone go through your profile.

Upload Recent Photos

Online daters make decisions based on the photos they see on your profile. Make sure to use recent photographs because they’re a more accurate representation of how you look like. Avoid using photos that are more than a year old because chances are high, you may not be looking the same now.

Keep it Precise

Don’t write your entire life history on your profile. Research has proved that women at times can write a lot because they enjoy reading lengthy profiles. Briefly sum up yourself in a nice, original and exciting way that will make other hopefuls interested in your profile.

Focus on Yourself

When uploading photographs, ensure you select pictures where you are the focal point. In other words, avoid group photos because they tend to split attention and instead, use your individual photos.

With the above practical tips, you can be assured of having a powerful online profile that will send a lot of potential mates to your profile. Remember, finding love online depends on how good your profile is.

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