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5 Easy Dating Rules for Russian and Ukrainian Women

Before the era of online dating and matchmaking sites came into existence, people relied met the old fashioned way. There were numerous places one could meet their partner such as in parties, workplaces, church, events and through family and friends among others. Even though technology has penetrated into the dating space, this doesn’t mean physical meet-ups have lost value.

There are numerous couples out there who’ve met and established life-long relationships without necessary opting for the modern techniques of finding love online. Face to face dating still has its advantages and remains relevant today. If you hadn’t had luck finding your Mr. Right, chances are high there are things you aren’t doing right.

Simple Dating Rules that will Turn Around Your Fortunes

These tips are meaningful, insightful and practical to ensure your experiences are never the same. Having this knowledge before deciding to find a partner will give you a clearer understanding of what you need to know.

1. Understand what you’re looking for

Before plunging yourself into the dating sea, think about who you are looking for and what type of relationship you’re interested in. Women have varied preferences; while some may be looking for casual and no-strings-attached relationships, others may be interesting in a serious relationship. It’s good to establish your priorities to avoid disappointments. With this in mind, you can easily filter out men and concentrate on someone you feel meets your expectations.

2. Set the pace and determine your standards

If you’re fed up of men who solicit for sex before they even know your name, it’s time to repackage yourself. Step back into the days where men have to woo you. This way you can determine if they are genuinely interested in knowing you long-term or are just looking for a fling. When you come up with your own standards, you will only attract the right men. A lot of women who’ve done this have managed to find the best partners and nurtured healthy relationships.

3. Never compare yourself with others

Every relationship is unique. Women have a habit of comparing their relationships which is self destructive. Since you’re on your own journey to find love, your path is entirely based on your approach, experience and personality. Every relationship is a learning experience because we get to learn our mistakes and grow. The path your friend’s relationship takes will never be exactly the same as yours. Encountering challenges makes women more dimensional, experienced, and wiser in their approach to finding their Mr. Right.

4. Don’t force yourself to date

If for some reason you’ve had challenges and disappointments with past experiences, it’s always advisable to take a break off the scene especially if you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed, and burned out. Doing this allows you to let go of residual baggage and stress from past failed relationship. Every new dating experience deserves a fresh mind, perception, and optimism. Skepticism, disappointment and a negative attitude may ruin your chances of a great relationship and send away a man who would have been a great prospect.

5. Don’t date for the sake of it

A lot of women stay in relationships they are not happy about because of the fear of being single and lonely. Remember that if you lie to yourself, the only person who gets hurt is you. If you’re unhappy because you don’t like someone, be mature and honest enough to genuinely tell them you aren’t interested. So, if you’ve been wondering why your relationships aren’t going right, chances are high you’ve flouted some of the above rules. This is a perfect guide for women looking to fun and rewarding relationships.

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