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9 Practical Grooming Guides for Men Going on A Date

For every man, going on a date especially the first one can be extremely nerve-wracking. The anxiety of going on a date shares similarities with an individual who is preparing to go for an interview. The main aim of going out on a date is to ascertain whether you and your partner are a good fit for each other. Remember, future relationships will depend on how compatible you will be in the initial stages of your relationship. To ensure you make super first impressions and perform well on subsequent dates, men’s grooming is an important aspect you cannot afford to ignore. Good grooming is an absolute must, especially if you’re going to meet someone for the first time; how you appear speaks volumes about you.

Personal grooming should top the list of priorities because if you show up looking untidy on a date, your partner will wonder if you can take care of them when you’re clearly unable to manage simple personal grooming. This grooming checklist is key aspect of dating for men tips and if followed, will increase your chances of success with dating.

9 Useful Grooming Dating Tips for Men

1. Take a Shower

Personal grooming begins with a shower. Aside from smelling clean and fresh, showering also relaxes and revitalizes you. If you’re planning to go on a date, you can shower again even if you had showered earlier on in the day. Taking a good shower sets the pace for other grooming activities.

2. Shave

Every man has to shave; this is a key men grooming rule. It’s a poor impression when you turn up on a date with unkempt facial hair. To get the best results, you can use a shaving gel and finish with a men’s aftershave to ensure your skin is soothed and glowing. Make a point of learning common shaving mistakes and how to avoid them in order to avoid having a disastrous date.

3. Don’t put on too much cologne

Everyone wants to smell good when going on date. Even though using cologne is a perfect way to smell good for your date, don’t spray too much of it. Avoid more than 2-3 sprays of cologne which can cause a strong smell that will make your date uncomfortable. Just a few sprays are enough so don’t overdo it. If you’re unsure about which types and how much cologne you need to use, you can skip using it.

4. Avoid using too much hair gel or hair pomade

Even though men’s hair gel or hair pomade can give your hair that much needed sparkle i.e. a greasy or crunchy look, make use of these products within the prescribed limits. In addition, learn how to get maximum results from these products without overusing them. Use as directed and apply gel and begin styling a few days before the date, this way the results will be stunning.

5. Start exfoliating a couple of days before the date

Exfoliation makes it possible to get rid of skin cells which paves way to a more handsome and youthful complexion. No longer are the days when exfoliation was associated with women only. These days, there are men face scrub products that can be used approximately 2-3 times per week. Using these products gives a sparking skin glow that helps to build self confidence and make you ready for your date.

6. Trim your nails

Unfortunately, a good number of men don’t pay attention to their nails but be sure, women are quick to notice when a man spots untidy nails. When your nails are long, dust and other debris becomes trapped them which is an eyesore. Before going on a date, ensure you have trimmed them with a nail clipper. It is also wise to do the same for your toe nails as well.

7. Use unscented deodorant

Many men deodorants come with strong fragrances which at times, can conflict with smell of your cologne which suppresses the ability of your date to know how you smell. Therefore, it is important to keep a perfect balance between the two in order to have the best results.

8. Pay attention to your teeth

Before stepping out for your date, make sure you’ve completely eliminated bad breath by brushing your teeth thoroughly. It’s a great idea to use mouthwash for a fresh breath as well as whitening strips in the event your teeth have a yellowish tinge. As you head towards your date, chew breath mints to ensure your mouth remains fresh.

9. Get rid of acne

There are men who feel uncomfortable attending a date especially when they’re suffering from acne. If the presence of acne bothers you, you can buy men's acne cream that has benzoyl peroxide which has the ability to clear pimples within 24-48 hours. Apply the cream to every pimple that has popped up and wait to see the results. A lot of men manage to substantially reduce their acne in time for a date. Don’t pop it because this increases the risk of spreading the infection and scarring.

With the above practical grooming tips, you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time. Grooming is not only important for boosting our health but it also enhances self confidence which is key for any date. Remember, when you groom yourself properly, you will have a lot of fun and interact freely with your date. Always make as much effort as possible to stay on top of the game.

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